Which Warehouse Store is the Best for You

untitled (8)It is no secret that shopping at those big warehouse stores will save you a bundle. Buying in bulk is one of the best ways to enjoy great things at an even better price. Here in the United States the most common bulk stores that are Costco and Sam’s Club.

At either one, you are sure to save a whole lot of money on a variety of things, from food, to household products, to high definition televisions and computers. I remember as a child my parents bought our trampoline at a Sam’s Club because one they had it readily available and in stock, two it was the best price for one. They saved at least hundred dollars than if they had went somewhere else.

When considering joining one of these mega discount stores, you must join. For those that don’t know, the only way a person can enjoy these deals and discounted prices is they must be a member of either one. Memberships are forty-five dollars for Sam’s Club and fifty-five dollars for Costco for a year membership. Just pay those small fees and you can shop ‘til you drop!

Now here is the big question which one? Do you go with Sam’s Club the Wal-Mart owned warehouse store or pay an extra ten dollars and roll with Costco?

I have asked my family members these same questions, just out of curiously. They have different reasons for their decision. Some prefer Costco mostly because a better variety of foods for vegetarian and organic choices. Others like Sam’s Club because they feel that they receive the best deals and the best products. Then there are those that have a membership with both stores.

Unable to come up with an apparent winner I decided to check out each store. Compare the prices between the two on commonly purchased items. Thing that I feel everyone would want to save the most money on. Here is what I found out:

High Definition Televisions

Although each did great with their prices when compared to, other stores that sell the brand and size of television. Either store would save you at least a hundred and fifty dollars. However, between the two, it would seem that Sam’s Club is the better choice in this category.

Diapers for Babies and Toddlers

What better to buy in bulk than diapers? I mean these babies seem to just run through them like hot knife through butter. Many mothers and fathers really like to join these type of stores when they start having babies, if you have to buy diapers then why not.

Anyway, it would seem that depending which age group and size you are looking for, will determine where you should go to buy your diapers and save the most dough. It would seem that Sam’s Club offers the best price on toddler size diapers and you would want to shop at Costco for infant size diapers.

Frozen Chicken Breast

Let us not forget that each one of these stores offer a full line of groceries. Let us say you are hosting a party or barbecue, you need to cook for many people, and of course, you are on a budget where do you go? I can tell you. Choose Sam’s Club.

To me I think the best store is the store that you most like. With myself I shop at places that I feel are clean, tidy, pleasant, and the employees are kind and helpful. In the end, I think that is the best determiner. Visit each one, ask for a guest pass, and then decide which place is the best fit for you and your family. All this information is great but nothing surpasses that gut feeling.

Keep it Clean

For many of us we do not even think about having our air-coediting unit serviced. It is not covered in the winter months, or cleaned, or at the very least, the debris knocked off it. summer comes it gets turn on, we are happy and enjoying the coolness, then here comes old man winter and no more air conditioning. Hello dear, dear furnace. Each year this cycle repeats, never once consider all the hard work that air condition unit must put on just to keep you and your family cool in the summer. I know everyone loves their air-coediting unit but I really do not think we properly display it until it all comes crashing downthCEJJMLHF.

Oh yes, let that unit not work during the middle of a July heat wave, one of those hot ones where you can see those wavy lines off the pavement. Yes, let a day like that go by and you cannot turn your air counting on. Boy oh boy will you be upset. In the type of sweltering heat and no air? Crazy!

That is why I always tell people to take care of the air units. Do not let the first time it has an inspection be the day it stops working for you. More times than not that is the day in which it is too late to do anything about it. Expect scrap it and get a new unit installed. Who wants to deal with that bill? I know I do not. Those things are not cheap, trust me.   Depending on what part of the world you are in to not have, one is just not feasible. Just not a possibility.

SO what can you do to make sure that your air conditioning unit turns on this summer and keeps your home or business delightfully cool? Here are a few tips from the expert on what to do to prolong your central air unit’s life, productivity, not to mention reduce the need for any A/C repair.

Keep it clean

This is understood, at least you would think so, but I cannot count the number of units that have burned out due to debris and junk build up. Keep it clean, remove any debris laying on it or near it and power wash it sometimes.

Have it serviced

Just like a car you should not go too long without having your unit inspected ND serviced. This usually includes checking any filters, changing the filters, inspecting hoses and gauges, as well as cleaning and debris removal. It is advised to have this serviced done a minimum of two times a year.

Keep things away from it

Many times people have trees, shrubs, or just junk surrounding their air conditioning unit. What best is to have a leveled gravel spot, with some type of barrier to keep pets and children from playing around it. Keep this area clear of all things, pets, wild animals and people.

Many times these units are destroyed because a child has hit it with a bicycle or motorbike, or something is knock loose by flying objects. Such as balls and rocks. Keep it covered and keep things away!

These a just a few tips there are so many more out there. However, for me, I found that I could manage all three of these suggestions, without it costing me a lot of time and energy. I hope that this will also be something that you can incorporate into your home as well.

Remember, take care of it and it will take care of you!

Greatest Day Ever

thBJVZZGXCOf all the wonderfully thigs I did this year my most cherished memory have to be the time I delivered a baby! Yes an actual person. I aid this new mother in giving birth to a beautiful little boy. He was a big one too, nine pounds and seven ounces. Twenty three inches long. Just gorgeous. What is better they name him after me! Giving him my last name for his first name! Parker James Goldsmith. Is that a beautiful name?

Well let me explain how little old me came about delivering a baby. Really, it was so very unplanned and unexpected. Like most of the greatest moments in my life.

My day started out like any other day, I woke up that morning enjoyed my delightful green smoothie. Then I got in my mildly expensive, hybrid vehicle and off I went to the best place to work in the world. My family’s business. As I was on my way in my father called me to pick up some refreshments. We were having a business meeting that morning and he wanted to give the employees a bit of a treat. I popped into my favorite bakery. All of their treats are one hundred percent organic and vegan. However, they do not sacrifice flavor in hopes of health. They sell all sorts of good treats, doughnuts, cookies, muffins, bagels, cakes, and pastries. Oh, I am getting a bit hungry just thinking about it. Hold on I am going to pop into the kitchen and find myself a snack. Be right back!

Ok I am back. As I was saying, I was on my way to my favorite bakery. As I pull up to it, hoping to find a close parking spot in front, my luck was not with me. So I had was forced to park in the parking garage across the street. I hate parking here because it cost at least eight dollars to park in there. The bakery does validate but I always forget to ask until I am in my car driving out of the parking structure. Then it is too late and I go ahead and pay the fee.

I park my lovely car and kept reminding myself to ask for validation. I make it into the elevator, as I am checking my watch I noticed a woman waddling, I am sorry but there is no other way to describe her movements, trying to catch the elevator. She was looking very uncomfortable I might add, sweating and all. In addition, her face kept cringing and scrunching up every few minutes.

Of course, I am not a dirt bag so I held the elevator for her. As she made her way into it I ask her how far along is she, she said that she thinks she may be in labor. She have been walking trying to help it moved along. When she realizes that she was hungry and decided she needed a double chocolate, banana, peanut butter brownie. She was heading to the same bakery that I was.

We were moving right along when the west things ever happen. First, the nice woman water broke and she was no in full-blown labor. It was astonishing. As soon as her labor for real kicked in the elevator stopped. Yes it just stopped.

All I wanted to do was pick up some sweets for the office.

There I was with this strange woman and she starts to push, unable to keep that little booger in any longer. I called my dad to let him know what was happening and I ask him to call the police as well. Then I got down and tried to catch that baby.

One hour later, the baby and the placenta was out, the emergency people was there and they had managed to get the elevator open.

Quickly they cut the cord and we rushed to the nearby hospital. Where they checked and inspected the mother and her new baby.