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th8DKUZC66Someone once asked me what was the most surprising thing to have every happen to me. I thought and I thought about that answer. Really, I did do much thought because it seems that nothing really does surprise me.

Except one thing that just leapt out to me. It was about ten years ago, almost to the day. I was at my vacation home that about two hours from my actual home. There I was sitting at the picnic table by my pond I was enjoying a lovely lunch of tuna fish sandwiches, a cucumber salad, and some oatmeal raisins cookies. If I remember right, I was also reading a book, I cannot remember the title of it as of right now but I do remember my best friend telling me about it, she declared it an inspirational tale. Oh how I wished I could remember the title of that book.

Anyway I was swatting enjoying a warm summer breeze and my lunch, when out of nowhere there was a loud crash. I jump up and immediately went towards the sound.

I could not believe what I laid before my eyes. There was a tree laying across my front lawn. It was at the time blocking my driveway and the only way I have out of my vacation home. This means that I am stuck there until I can call a tree care company to come out and remove it.

As I was trying to figure out how I could get around it because I desperately needed to go into town. I need some things for the house, I had pleads of going into town today to gather everything. That way I could spend all my time here at the house, alone up to whatever it is that I want to do.

Now I was stuck, without enough water, food, or general things to live from. As I stood there looking like a sad puppy, I know. A man came lumbering down the dirt road that ran in front of my house. He said he owned the house closest to me and came when he heard a noise.

He then offer to call his cousin who worked for a tree care service and tree removals. Really the only one in the area actually.   Ever so gracious I thanked him, after he rang his cousin; I told him my address and explained what had happen. Because I live in such a remote area of town, he cannot get his crew out to my house for other two or three days at the latest.

Unable to do anything about I resultantly said ok that it was all right. As my neighbor was about to return to his home I ask if he could give me a ride into town. He acquiesced.

As we rode the thirty minutes into town, he told me about his childhood. How long he had owned his house, what he did for a living, really we had a long get to know you session. In addition, surprisingly we had much in common.

My neighbor and I became fast friends. Before I know it, we were engaged and then married. Now ten years later we are still going strong. My surprise was meeting my husband doing a most unfortunate incident…

This is the answer my wife told me one day when we were on a date. I am always surprise by her lack of surprise with everything. Imagine my surprise when she told me it was how we met that was her greatest surprise.

A Day Away

thJGCBQQ7KI cannot believe how very wonderful it was last night. I mean I really, really enjoyed myself. Beyond measure. I think I have found my new tradition for January. I packed my backpack up, stockpiled food and toiletries. I was ready to tackle anything that nature threw at me, no fear just success.

That is right folks last night I drove three hours and forty-five minutes northwest to a campsite, pitched my tenant, then spent the night in natures embrace. It was a night worth having. For weeks, I have wanted to go camping and for weeks, I have been busy, nonstop with any break, full speed ahead. As soon as I knew, I was to have a couple of free days I packed up and drove away.   Just me, alone. Nothing to keep me company except my thoughts, natures’ picture show and my trusty harmonica.

About once or twice a year, I take off by myself to have some me time. I know most people would check into a hotel or resort to enjoy plush amenities and comforts. Not me, do not get me wrong I love these places as well. Since I was young, I have always found that I was most at peace, found the most clarity, and solace when I was in the woods. Surrounded by nature, with nothing to do but enjoy the views and decompress. Yes, it is one of the few things in this world that truly helps me unwind. I do not drink; I do not do drugs, so this is what I take as my elixir.

It was great. Albeit short, it was just what the doctor order.

As soon I got to my site, I pitched my tent. After that, I needed some firewood, so I set off into the woods looking for some dry timber and twigs. Within an hour, I had found my twigs and timber. I built my fire and had it a blazed and roaring.

Then I put on my boots and took to the trails. I had about two hours before nightfall I was able to take advantage of daylight as much as I could. It was beautiful my height. I saw a waterfall, a family of deer feeding in the meadow, and a pond so clear that you could see the rocks and fish on the bottom of the pond. Simply gorgeous.

After my invigorating hike, I returned to tent and started cooking. I knew I would not have time to hunt or fish so I brought a few steaks, some salad fixings, rolls, and a case of water. Cooking over an open fire spit always makes food taste a million times better. I do not know what it is but it is just delightful. If you have never a steak cooked over an open fire, I highly recommend it. Even if you have to do it in the back yard over one of those patios fire pits? Just do it, I am telling you, you will not be disappointed.

The next day I woke brushed my teeth, had breakfast then went on another hike and I took my fishing poll in hopes of catching something for lunch. This time I went in a different direction. Again, I found a natural water source. A river, clear as the day is long.

I waded into the water, through my line out and waited from lunch.

I am telling it was the most fun I have had in ages, I felt so revegetated and ready to take on the world. After I caught my fished, fried it then ate, I packed up, cleared the camp and return home.

Greatest Day Ever

thBJVZZGXCOf all the wonderfully thigs I did this year my most cherished memory have to be the time I delivered a baby! Yes an actual person. I aid this new mother in giving birth to a beautiful little boy. He was a big one too, nine pounds and seven ounces. Twenty three inches long. Just gorgeous. What is better they name him after me! Giving him my last name for his first name! Parker James Goldsmith. Is that a beautiful name?

Well let me explain how little old me came about delivering a baby. Really, it was so very unplanned and unexpected. Like most of the greatest moments in my life.

My day started out like any other day, I woke up that morning enjoyed my delightful green smoothie. Then I got in my mildly expensive, hybrid vehicle and off I went to the best place to work in the world. My family’s business. As I was on my way in my father called me to pick up some refreshments. We were having a business meeting that morning and he wanted to give the employees a bit of a treat. I popped into my favorite bakery. All of their treats are one hundred percent organic and vegan. However, they do not sacrifice flavor in hopes of health. They sell all sorts of good treats, doughnuts, cookies, muffins, bagels, cakes, and pastries. Oh, I am getting a bit hungry just thinking about it. Hold on I am going to pop into the kitchen and find myself a snack. Be right back!

Ok I am back. As I was saying, I was on my way to my favorite bakery. As I pull up to it, hoping to find a close parking spot in front, my luck was not with me. So I had was forced to park in the parking garage across the street. I hate parking here because it cost at least eight dollars to park in there. The bakery does validate but I always forget to ask until I am in my car driving out of the parking structure. Then it is too late and I go ahead and pay the fee.

I park my lovely car and kept reminding myself to ask for validation. I make it into the elevator, as I am checking my watch I noticed a woman waddling, I am sorry but there is no other way to describe her movements, trying to catch the elevator. She was looking very uncomfortable I might add, sweating and all. In addition, her face kept cringing and scrunching up every few minutes.

Of course, I am not a dirt bag so I held the elevator for her. As she made her way into it I ask her how far along is she, she said that she thinks she may be in labor. She have been walking trying to help it moved along. When she realizes that she was hungry and decided she needed a double chocolate, banana, peanut butter brownie. She was heading to the same bakery that I was.

We were moving right along when the west things ever happen. First, the nice woman water broke and she was no in full-blown labor. It was astonishing. As soon as her labor for real kicked in the elevator stopped. Yes it just stopped.

All I wanted to do was pick up some sweets for the office.

There I was with this strange woman and she starts to push, unable to keep that little booger in any longer. I called my dad to let him know what was happening and I ask him to call the police as well. Then I got down and tried to catch that baby.

One hour later, the baby and the placenta was out, the emergency people was there and they had managed to get the elevator open.

Quickly they cut the cord and we rushed to the nearby hospital. Where they checked and inspected the mother and her new baby.