Dieter Nickell

thTHL0AI1FHired Hand Design was founded by a glorious man, Dieter Nickell.  One Dieter was looking for a plumbing to help some type of issue he was having in his downstairs bathroom.  Living in a new state, new country really it was hard to find someone hat eh felt would not take advantage of him and his lack of plumbing knowledge.  So he created a database and algorithm based on multiple factors that one must consider when selecting a great service worker or business.

Alas, he was successful.  He found an excellent plumber, that was honest, reliable and more importantly fair.  He then had what some would call an epiphany.  Maybe this system will work for all type of service type of industries.  Really when choosing someone to help you no matter if its a plumber for a clog sink, or a mechanic for the funny sound under the hood.  It works brilliantly in discovering the best of the best.

However Dieter has did one even better, for each service man or woman the system discovers and someone uses he likes to include a personal review and suggestion made by the expert.

Dieter Nickell is thirty six years old, he lives on a ranch in southern Colorado with his wife, Rebecca and their two twin girls, Natalie and Nicole.